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Botswana and Beyond
Botswana and Beyond   I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to South Africa. This was a dream come true for me since I have been working with animals all my life. I sincerely hope that my story and my photographs will make you feel that you are living this experience with me and are right there beside me in the bush with these wild animals, enjoying the adventure that I have experienced.
No words could define the sense of awe and danger which I felt while photographing these magnificent creatures.

This story was purposely written in a light, humorous mode even though, at times, I wondered if we were going to get back to our camp without incident. The photographs alone are invaluable and express the moods of these wonderful animals as they pursue survival in this vast land. I hope you enjoy reading this adventure as much as I have enjoyed living it.

"Botswana and Beyond" is available for purchase on or by contacting this web site. If purchased directly from Wld Eyes Photography it costs $20 and half is donated to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.
The Silent Victims
  I heard some of the horrific stories about what these animals went through before their rescue...and I felt it was my duty to bring these stories to light and inform the public and animal lovers all over the world through the eyes of the animals, just what they must have been feeling during the long period before their rescue.
These are the stories through the animals' eyes from prior to, during, and after the Hurricane hit Louisiana, and how their spirits went from happy-go-lucky companions belonging to loving families to having to fight to stay alive in the deplorable conditions in which they found themselves.
"The Silent Victims" can be purchased for $5 by contacting Wild Eyes Photography. All of the proceeds are donated to Safe Harbor Rescue in Jupiter, Florida.

Botswana and Beyond   In June 2006, I left on a camping safari to Botswana and Victoria Falls. "Botswana and Beyond" is the story of that trip... read more

"Botswana and Beyond" is available for purchase on or by contacting this web site.
These are stories told through the silent voices of the thousands of animal victims who became orphans after Hurricane Katrina. These are the animals that were lucky enough to be more

A porton of the proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to the two shelters that aided me in telling these animals' stories. However, "The Silent Victims" is available by contacting this web site.

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